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  • Jane Vick Jaidi   Jul 09, 2020

    We don't have much by way of shopping in Jackson, so thank GOODNESS for this beautiful store! They carry all the *it* brands you would normally want to find (with great stock of sizes), in addition to some beautiful lines you might not know about but probably should. They always have great sale racks, as well as an amazing curated selection of jackets/shoes/boots/swimwear/etc depending on the season. Not to mention Brianna and her crew are all lovely, welcoming and a pleasure to work with. I've loved shopping here/sending my out of town family and friends for the 5 years I've lived in Jackson (and I came from NYC so I know my shopping!), and will continue to be a loyal customer. Never leave us, Altitude!

  • Hillary Wernlund   Jul 09, 2020

    Altitude is my favorite store in Jackson and every time we are in town I make sure to stop in! The selection is unique and different from all other boutiques on The Square (and in the region if we’re being honest)! I am always so excited to see what treasures I can find. Also, they have an amazing Instagram and they make it so easy to shop from wherever. The staff is always helpful with sizing and styling in store and online. Plus, it’s locally owned, they care about their employees and the town of Jackson, which is a huge bonus!

  • Tess Mandoli   Dec 04, 2022

    I ordered an expensive dress from Altitude which was lost in the mail. The owner, Ana, was completely unresponsive when I tried to contact her to locate it. I have neither received a refund or the item. Horrible customer service experience- would not recommend spending your money here!

  • Danielle Nepus   Jan 14, 2023

    I had the best experience Anais. I’m from a Los Angeles and this store brings me back to the best shopping in Paris. Anais makes me want to come back and shop again. Her energy is really good for this store and giving people a good impression which will make people want to come back.

  • Libba White   Apr 15, 2023

    Don't pick up any products as you're shopping. once you've decided what you want, grab a staff member and point out everything you want, let them do all the touching. An attendant very abruptly approached me, mumbled some words so quickly I can't even remember what she said, and basically snatched a $20 deck of cards out of my hands when they sell - I kid you not - $200 scarves. yes you read that right. Incredibly hostile staff.

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