Alpenhof Lodge

3255 Village Dr, Teton Village, WY 83025, USA

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  • Kevin Xu   Sep 13, 2021

    Came for breakfast. Food was alright. Tip was included as a line item

  • Teresa Oglesby   Sep 16, 2021

    Great accommodations and food was excellent. Staff very friendly and Pat was extremely helpful!

  • Andrew Cook   Jul 23, 2021

    Rooms are a tad outdated but as a historical building it's very well kept and the service is amazing. Few hotels come close and the dinner and breakfast were also excellent. I live in town that has a continually "top ten in the country" rating for German style food and this place blows it out of water.

  • Bart Pero   Sep 04, 2021

    Wasn’t here to stay, but to evaluate it for the future. Tried to have breakfast as advertised in the Mix Guide showing it open to all. They are open only to guests. Too snooty for me. My money spends just as good elsewhere and this place belongs in 1970. Molly Brown.

  • B makai   Jul 27, 2021

    Lovely German furniture, great food and excellent German beer. Traditional old and short German menu with good German beer. Excellent German decoration which is relatively uncommon in the United States. Large German cuckoo clock and pleasant German wooden styling. They mistakenly believe they are Swiss but it’s quite German. The only really Swiss thing in this restaurant is the cheese in the kitchen. Anyways the walleye is really good.

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