Sitka Fur Gallery

30 Center St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Sitka Fur Gallery is a multi-generational premium gallery and furrier. We maintain a carefully curated stock of distinctive pieces from fur coats to scarves, gloves and blankets. Our products are sourced from the finest available furs traditional and exotic including chinchilla, mink, beaver and fox. For customers in need of fur clothing repair or tailoring we offer expert services to improve your favorite items. We are Jackson Hole’s only full service furrier and are renown internationally.

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  • Ocean Affo   Jul 30, 2023

    This is the best fur shop I have ever seen, the quality if the fur is amazing and the gentleman at the counter Sarkes Solomon was extremely helpful and incredibly nice. I have gotten so much information about fur today that will be helpful for a lifetime. The best customer service I have ever experienced. Great store and the best employee.

  • Sarah Golemon-Mercer   Aug 07, 2023

    JJ and Sarkes were AMAZING!! We had so much fun trying on different coats & ended up buying two beautifully made scarves. Thanks y’all!

  • Hope Oldham   May 12, 2023

    Amazing store, the owner Sarkes was so informative and very knowledgeable. His store is a family owned business and full of all kinds of amazing furs and apparel. If your visiting Jackson its well worth a visit!

  • Brendan Walsh   Jul 30, 2023

    Sarkes Solomon has the best customer service skills of anyone I've ever encountered. My girlfriend and I purchased the most beautiful Sitka fur coats and reindeer hides and he couldn't have been more helpful. I also got a Remy leather jacket that is 1 of 1. I will be back this winter for another coat for my mother! Thank you so much.

  • Sophieee Shippen   Aug 29, 2023

    Best time in a store in Jackson I’ve had in a while! Sarkes was amazing. He welcomed my bf and I into the store and found perfect fur masterpieces for us to try on. He even let us go outside the store with them on and take pictures! The store itself was beautiful and had absolutely stunning products, and the customer service tied everything together to create an experience. He informed us on all the backgrounds of the jackets. Honestly got me convinced I gotta stop saving for college and get one of these furry jackets. Also, there’s a gigantic bear rug in the back. GO CHECK IT OUT!

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