Akasha Yoga

150 E Hansen Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

A short walk from downtown Jackson, Akasha Yoga is a yoga studio for all levels of practitioners. Akasha has a group of dedicated instructors offering a range of classes emphasizing kala (community), health, and mindfulness. We are a beautiful space for you to connect with yourself while moving your body in good alignment. Our light, airy studio supports you where you are!  

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  • ty davenport   Apr 14, 2019

    An absolutely beautiful studio! So inviting when you first walk in and your mind and body feels at home. I am definitely going to make this a go to place for Yoga and other activities offered when I’m in Jackson!

  • Diana Gherlac   Mar 18, 2020

    The place that thought me yoga and what yoga actually means. Bondings here happened as natural as they can get. Always a pleasure to be present.

  • Leslye Hardie   Feb 27, 2020

    Akasha Yoga and all of the wonderful teachers there create a path to health in mind and body. The attention to proper positioning makes all the difference to get the most from my practice. They are aware of injuries and what to do to accommodate. Over 7 years of returning to Akasha time after time shows my dedication to this remarkable studio

  • Matt Hare   Feb 27, 2020

    As a first time yoga participant, older and male I was a little nervous going in. I don’t think I could have found a more welcoming and patient group of instructors and students. The benefits have been substantial and my only wish is that I started with this studio 10 years ago.

  • Nancy Shea   Feb 29, 2020

    I have been doing yoga at Akasha for 15 years. It is a sacred place. Deep, transformative yoga in a uniquely, beautiful studio. My practice has expanded and grown. Can't do without it!

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