Akasha Yoga

150 E Hansen Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

A short walk from downtown Jackson, Akasha Yoga is a yoga studio for all levels of practitioners. Akasha has a group of dedicated instructors offering a range of classes emphasizing kala (community), health, and mindfulness. We are a beautiful space for you to connect with yourself while moving your body in good alignment. Our light, airy studio supports you where you are!  

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  • Sofia Frasca   May 09, 2018

    The space offers a home for your yoga practice and for growth within it. Both physically and spiritually beautiful, I am ever grateful for Akasha!

  • Jim Williams   Nov 09, 2022

    The strudio is a nice venue. The teaching has been great. I look forwards to this every morning possible.

  • Rory Hibbler   Nov 11, 2022

    This studio has become my happy place in Jackson! Every time I go it’s like a reset for my mind and body, and the most amazing, unique classes. So much love for Britney and her talented instructors

  • D   Oct 25, 2022

    I was never a Yoga person and NOW, because of the variety of enthusiastic, kind and open hearted instructors and class variety, I am hooked. I love the space and every class I walk out of, I energetically feel great, breathe better and stand taller. They set a pretty high bar; I was out of town and took a class and felt so shorted..... You are wise & lucky to be part of this great women led small local business!

  • Emily Byrne   Nov 07, 2022

    I came for my first class this summer (2022) when it was still Akasha Yoga. The instructors were welcoming and very experienced. I love how knowledgeable they were on the yogic traditions and wisdom. They just changed to Home Yoga Studio and the studio looks better than ever. You can really feel the fresh energy. I highly recommend if you are looking for all types of yoga.

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