Akasha Yoga

150 E Hansen Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

A short walk from downtown Jackson, Akasha Yoga is a yoga studio for all levels of practitioners. Akasha has a group of dedicated instructors offering a range of classes emphasizing kala (community), health, and mindfulness. We are a beautiful space for you to connect with yourself while moving your body in good alignment. Our light, airy studio supports you where you are!  

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  • Monique Cardillo   Jan 16, 2024

    Home Yoga is such a lovely and cozy place to practice. I appreciate the thoughtful approach that the instructors take with their classes - they have been my most enjoyable yoga experiences in the town of Jackson!

  • Martha Lewis   Oct 06, 2023

    Home Yoga is a lovely, peaceful studio with a beautiful view of Snow King mountain in downtown Jackson. Brittany is a talented yoga teacher who focuses not only on the poses but also on the spiritual/philosophic aspects of yoga so I always learn a valuable lesson during her classes. I also love the variety of classes and times that are offered, and I especially loved the outdoor Saturday morning class last summer!

  • Erin Gibbs   Jan 16, 2024

    I heart Home Yoga. It’s the perfect yoga studio for people who are looking to have fun, stretch, build strength, find some quiet, and build community. It is so incredibly welcoming to everyone, regardless of prior experience or skill. I’ve gotten to take many classes from many of their instructors and each one is just as awesome as the last.

  • Jessica Grim   Oct 04, 2023

    Home yoga is a haven full of sun, plants, authentic teachings, and no mirrors. I love that this studio keeps things simple to eliminate distractions so I am able to go within.

  • Mia Grosu   Oct 04, 2023

    When I step into this enchanting yoga heaven, it rejuvenates my spirit with positive energy, empowering me for the entire week ahead. Embracing the off-season allows me the luxury of dedicating more time to self-care and indulging in local pursuits. Home Yoga is truly my sanctuary of happiness!

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