Enhancing customer service is what makes Snake River Brewing the Best

JACKSON, Wyo.—While most of us have become intimately acquainted with our living rooms since the outbreak of COVID-19 this past March, many Jackson Hole residents have been temporarily separated from theirs. Serving as Jackson’s “living room” for almost twenty-seven years, the team at Snake River Brewing & Brewpub has had to find other ways to serve their community not only through the pandemic but also through a full-blown remodel. It is their consistent dedication to their loyal customers that earned Snake River Brewing Bronze in this year’s Best of Jackson Hole for Best Local Food or Drink Producer.

“We’ve been wanting to do a remodel for a few years now,” said Sales Director Luke Bauer in an interview with Buckrail. Since adding the second-floor bar and dining area twelve years ago, there haven’t been any major remodels, and the team at SRB finally feels that it’s time for a facelift. “Service is often determined by the shape of a space,” said Bauer. After feeling out the kinks in their current system, Bauer and the SRB team want to enhance their customers’ experience not only aesthetically, but also with regards to service. Those who may have fears of their living room being uprooted, however, have no fear. “We’re not trying to wildly change the character of the place,” assured Bauer, rather make things more fresh and seamless.

This is not to say that the beloved Brew Pub was not enjoyed by all this summer. “We were really lucky,” says Bauer, referring to the recent renovation of their outdoor lawn space. Offering various outdoor games, fire pits, and plenty of lawn space, SRB was able to adapt to outdoor dining and service far more seamlessly than others. “We were able to adapt and provide great service in a space that we weren’t super familiar with,” said Bauer. Due to limited spacing and social distancing practices, wait times were inevitably long. “Unlike our local clientele who have their own driveways and homes to relax in, the tourists who came through town needed somewhere to eat and have a beer,” explained Bauer, “hopefully they had a good experience.”

As for his favorite Jackson Hole business experience this summer, Bauer commended The Wort for their service this summer. “The few times I was able to get away from the pub this summer and head over to The Wort, they had great food and great service. They’re good folks over there and I patronize them frequently.”

Be sure to keep your eyes out for this limited release
Photo: Snake River Brewing

With summer behind us and winter encroaching, SRB’s closure extends only to their outdoor and indoor Brewpub offerings. “The Brewery is still open and we’re cranking out as much beer as possible,” said Bauer. With Colorado added to their geographic range, the brewing team is hard at work continuing to deliver consistent and delicious beer to loyal customers far and wide. Adding to their usual canned line-up, SRB will sporadically package their two-time gold medal-winning coffee milk stout called “Speargun.”

Whether you’re enjoying it in the comfort and safety of your home or bringing a beer on a day in the mountains, be sure to pick up a six-pack to keep supporting this local favorite through the winter.