Celebrating people is what makes Fine Dining Restaurant Group the best

JACKSON, Wyo.—As the largest restaurant group in town, it should come as no surprise that Fine Dining Restaurant Group cleaned up in this year’s Best of Jackson Hole. Their accolades include: Best Date Night Spot Bin22 (Bronze), Best Brewery Roadhouse Brewing (Bronze), Best Happy Hour Bin22 (Gold), Best Italian Il Villaggio Osteria (Bronze), Best Sloshie Bodega (Bronze), Best Wait Staff Bin22 (Silver), and Best Boss Gavin Fine (Silver).

It is not just their longevity, however, that has earned their restaurants a permanent place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

“What we do is all about people,” says owner Gavin Fine. “That’s the number one thing. It started as and continues to be, all about our interaction with our employees, with our guests, and with our vendors. How you treat people and make them feel seen and valued is everything.”

Since opening Rendezvous Bistro in 2001, owners Gavin Fine and Roger Freeman have grown their company to include six restaurants, catering, food, and beverage filling gas station, a brewery, a line of ice cream, and a USDA certified craft meat production. While each establishment radiates its own individualized ambiance, one thing stays the same: a smiling face to welcome you and consistent quality of production.

Seared Scallops from The Kitchen
Photo: Fine Dining Restaurant Group

When asked what growing this business in Jackson has taught him, Fine reiterated the importance of people. From chefs to servers, brewers to butchers, pastry to the purveyor, treating people with respect, and getting their products to tell their stories is paramount to keeping people happy.

“It’s a tough business,” says Fine. “People work long, hard hours for not a ton of money. It’s a labor of love. And we want to make sure that that labor doesn’t go unseen.”

With regards to winning so many accolades in Best of Jackson Hole, Fine says that beyond people thinking they’re doing something well and recognizing that, it’s a win for each member of the company who has put time and effort into their work.

“It’s important to celebrate wins,” he says. “Life is filled with losses, so when you have a win you have to celebrate it.” These wins go far beyond accolades for Fine. “It can be a great night of service, a nice tip, or a new friendship. We need to celebrate all human emotion.”

Another win for Fine, FDRG, and the community at large is being able to welcome newcomers into the folds of their families. Every summer, students from many parts of the world come to Jackson to work. “Coming to a new place where you don’t speak the language and know no-one is really hard,” says Fine. “But seeing how our employees open their homes to these kids is really amazing, and in turn, they go and visit them in their countries. That is a win. That is the definition of hospitality. I hope that remains a part of our culture and character here in Jackson Hole.”

This weekend is your last chance to take advantage of FDRG’s 2-for-2’s at Binn22 (lunch only), Rendezvous Bistro, The Kitchen, Osteria (dinner only), and Roadhouse Pub & Eatery (dinner only). Schedule your shopping appropriately as throughout next week, Bovine & Swine and Cream & Sugar will be sampling tasters at Albertsons (M), Smiths (T), Lucky’s (W), and The Whole Grocer (Th) between 4:30-7 p.m. And lastly, if you don’t have Thanksgiving plans yet, Il Villaggio Osteria will be open on Thanksgiving Day and are offering a buffet dinner between 3-8 p.m.