Variety is What Makes Home Again Homewares the Best

JACKSON, Wyo.—When you walk into Home Again Homewares, gold winner for Best Interior Design and Home Furnishing in this year’s Best of Jackson Hole, be sure to allow yourself ample time to peruse the store’s incredible variety of goods. Throughout the large showroom you’ll find multiple layouts that feature beautifully curated compilations of new and consigned pieces, all priced for the lowest to highest range of budgets.

Left to Right: Teresa Miller, Chloe Frederick and Amor, Alex Nye
Photo: Buckrail // Nick Sulzer

Whether you’re there to drop off consignment pieces, on the hunt for something distinct and unique, or in need of interior design consultation, you’ll encounter one of the team of three responsible for upholding the integrity of this unique storefront. Store manager Teresa Miller, sales, inventory and social media expert Chloe Frederick, and in-house interior designer Alex Nye work together to deliver the highest quality design work and customer service to the local community.

“It’s really flattering and feels so nice to be recognized and appreciated by the people here,” they said in an interview with Buckrail. “We work really hard to supply this town with affordable, unique pieces, so it’s nice to have the vote and confidence of the valley to choose us as the best.”

With the eclectic and worldly community that Jackson Hole pulls in, the items that pass through their doors certainly make it an exciting place to

Little Touches go a Long Way
Photo: Buckrail // Nick Sulzer

work. “We get phenomenal pieces, things that can’t be replicated, and so people come here looking for those unique items,” they explain, “it keeps people interested.”

While the vintage and consignment side are a large part of what makes Home Again so special, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Offering new designer pieces as well as custom work is a large part of what they can do for the community. “If people are unsure of exactly how to accommodate a sofa into their space, we will go to their home and give them a full-service design perspective,” says Nye. It’s a more hands-on, comprehensive experience than simply ordering something on-line. Additionally, if you don’t see it in the store, they will work with you to order just what you want anyway.

Another contributing factor to their success is their understanding of the importance of finding basics for homes within multiple budget brackets. This is, after all, a ski town. “We’re not catering to one person,” they say, “we try to make sure that there’s something for everyone here.”

A Connor Liljestrom Painting
Photo: Buckrail // Nick Sulzer

At Home Again, the local community is the heartbeat of the store. This is evident in their passion for helping showcase young, local artists’ work. One such artist is Connor Liljestrom, who’s Wyoming centric landscape work is scattered throughout the store. “He wants his work to be accessible to the public,” Miller explains. “We’d love to engage with more local artists to have a platform to have their artwork displayed and sold.”

When asked what their favorite local business in Jackson is, their answer was threefold: Nest, Made and Womenfolk.