Holding Space is What Makes Niki Sue Mueller the Best

Written by Helen Goelet

JACKSON, Wyo. – If you’ve been to one of Niki Sue Mueller’s yoga classes, you’ve had the luxury of experiencing her contagious energy and light. It’s no surprise that this year she took home silver in the Best of Jackson Hole for best yoga teacher.

“I’m always so impressed by the quality and depth of yoga in this community, and to be amongst these wonderful teachers is really an honor,” she says. “Walking into a class, seeing who’s there, it really just lifts me.”

Mueller began teaching yoga in 2003, and as a Jnana yogi she continues to expand her knowledge in practice, yogic philosophy and much more.

Photo: Nicole Morgenthau

“Every year I take a ton of courses,” Mueller explains. “It is so important for younger, newer teachers to continue to be a student. And for me, that’s the most important thing too: being a student myself.” Mueller began studying under Richard Freeman seventeen years ago, and each year she goes back for more. Her exploration is not limited to his teachings, however. This past year she studied energy training, circle communication and vocal training for singing. “I like to be well rounded in my approach,” she says.

This well-roundedness is not only felt through her dynamic classes but is evident in the breadth of what she teaches. From her more fitness-oriented Hot Fusion and Sculpt classes, each of which have a clear cult following, to her ashtanga and vinyasa flow classes, Mueller offers something for every type of yogic. After all, it’s all about the student.

“For me it’s really all about holding space for people to feel safe and able to be present on the mat when they walk through the door,” she says. “This town has a lot going on, it’s very intense and I see that in my classes. We’re all so connected. One week, everyone will have the same low energy, we’re all so intertwined, it’s part of what makes this such a wonderful community. We really have a union here. Which is the definition of yoga.”

Aside from practicing and teaching yoga, Mueller is an avid skier, wake surfer, and mother. When asked what her favorite business is, unrelated to her own, she said Sweet Cheek Meats (BOJH Gold 2019). “Nick and Nora are dear friends of mine,” she says. “Everything is made with such love and care and attention and is local. I’m so impressed by them.

You can find Mueller’s classes at Inversion Yoga (BOHJ Gold 2019) and The Teton Yoga Shala (BOJH Bronze 2019). Mueller is also expanding her repertoire to more one-on-one offerings. If you’re interested in booking private classes or working with her on emotional and physical healing through therapeutic yoga and spiritual guidance, check out her website NikiSueYoga.com.