What’s the best thing to look for in a caterer? Just ask Chef Jiggy.

JACKSON, WY – “The best thing to look for in a caterer is that they have a broad-spectrum of styles they can bring to any cuisine,”  explains Chef Dan Janjigian, or “Jiggy,” as he’s commonly known around town. “Don’t limit yourself to menus that are already pre-designed. Get creative,” spoken as he plates a colorful meal of “Grilled Snake River Farms Waygu Culotte, Spiral Yukon Cannoli with Pom Puree, Heirloom Carrot Bundle, and Huckleberry Demi Glacé.”

Grilled Snake River Farms Waygu Culotte, Spiral Yukon Cannoli with Pom Puree, Heirloom Carrot Bundle, and Huckleberry Demi Glacé. Recipe creation and execution by Chef Jiggy. Photo: Nick Sulzer/Buckrail

When this man speaks food, we listen, because not only did Chef Jiggy win Bronze for Best Chef, but the business where he utilizes his talents as Sous Chef, Maho Catering, won Silver for Best Caterer.

Chef Jiggy. Photo: Nick Sulzer/Buckrail.

Jiggy has been working in the foodservice industry in Jackson for over 15 years in every aspect of a restaurant’s operations – from front-of-house as a bartender to back-of-house as a dishwasher. “Winning Best of Jackson Hole means that all of the hard work that I’ve put in my career in the kitchen and in this community is paying off,” he says.

It’s not uncommon to attend a Jackson event that’s catered by Maho Catering. Owned by Chef Maho Hakoshima, Maho Catering has been in business in Jackson for over 20 years and has served food at thousands of events from the grandest weddings, to the local nonprofit fundraisers, to the more casual private dinners. Perhaps, you’ve even tried your hand at working for Maho Catering, as the company employs a number of locals throughout the summer season.*

Photo: Nick Sulzer/Buckrail.

When asked what he’s learned about running a business in Jackson, Jiggy speaks about the benefit of having access to amazing local ingredients. “We’re able to explore and challenge our creativity on a day-to-day basis depending on what ingredients are local and in-season,” Jiggy says. “In my spare time, I enjoy hunting and foraging, which has fostered even more of a respect for the flora and fauna of this place. I think this manifests in the ingredients I feature in my dishes.”

On where Jiggy likes to eat in Jackson when he’s not in the kitchen: “there’s nothing a chef loves more than tacos.”

“My favorite places to get tacos are La Fiesta and Sweet Cheeks Meats (tip: check out their Fiesta Fridays- they serve tacos from 11am-4pm every Friday!!) I appreciate that Sweet Cheeks is showcasing local products almost exclusively.”

So can you guess which category Jiggy thought was missing from this year’s Best of Jackson Hole voting? Yup…it was Best Tacos.


Maho Catering and Chef Jiggy are available to cater your next event. To get in contact, email dan@mcateringjh.com or visit mcateringjh.com.

*If interested in working for Maho Catering next summer, please contact sarah@mcateringjh.com.