Employees make a business the “best.” Meet Outpost.

JACKSON, WY — Just because a local business primarily serves tourists doesn’t mean it can’t also serve locals. On the contrary, Jackson locals are the heart and soul of what Outpost does, says General Manager Charlotte Yordon.

Outpost JH won gold for “Best Property Management” in this year’s “Best of Jackson Hole.”As a property management company, most of Outpost’s clients are visitors to Jackson, or second homeowners trusting Outpost with their properties. All of Outpost’s employees, however, are local — and there are a lot of them.

“Being a big employer is huge,” Yordon says. It’s not just about having a lot of employees. It’s about having a lot of happy employees. That’s the biggest lesson Yordon has learned about running a business here in Jackson.

“If you don’t create an incredible environment where people are happy, have room to grow, have great benefits,” Yordon says, you’re not doing it right.

So no, locals may not be Outpost’s clientele. But they are the most important part of the business. Outpost is always looking for ways to support the local community. They sponsored a bra in this year’s Bras for a Cause. They spent a day helping Habitat for Humanity build The Grove, as a team. “Everything we do here has a footprint,” Yordon says.

Outpost Habitat team build

They’re also careful to incorporate business practices that Jackson’s community health in mind. That includes taking care of the environment. Outpost provides all of its guests with reusable shopping bags. They provide resources and education about trail etiquette and wildlife. “We understand everything we do relies on what we have here in our backyard,” Yordon says. “How can we really cherish this place around us?”

Yordon’s favorite business besides Outpost? Teton County Search and Rescue. “They deal with a lot and save so many lives,” she says. “I feel so lucky that they’re here.”

Outpost is honored to be recognized as one of the “Best of Jackson Hole.” The business is only four years old, but Yordon is immensely proud of the progress the ever-growing team has made. “We’re responsible for telling the story of what Jackson Hole is to guests that stay with us. Knowing locals see that and recognize our growth is a huge, huge honor.”

Outpost will be featured in the new 2019 Best of Jackson Hole print guide distributed free throughout Jackson Hole. To learn more and to be included, please reach out to info@bestofjacksonhole.com by May 24, 2019.