Creating Opportunity is what makes Outpost the Best

JACKSON, Wyo.—As Jackson continues to draw attention from high-rolling vacationers, the luxury rental market continues to strengthen. At Outpost, renters and home-owners alike are given individual focus and attention. It is the additional care and opportunities made available for employees, however, which helped earn Outpost Gold yet again for the Best Property Management Company in this year’s Best of Jackson Hole.

When Mekki Jaidi launched Outpost in 2014, he started with a handful of properties in the valley. Six years later, Outpost manages just over two-hundred properties, a cleaning service called O2 Cleaning, and has over seventy employees.

Members of the Outpost team enjoy a beautiful Jackson Hole summertime lunch. Photo taken summer 2017. Photo: Outpost

“Outpost really operates with a startup mentality,” explained Marketing Manager Colleen Valenstein in an interview with Buckrail. “Outpost is very good about hiring people for one specific job, then allowing them to grow within the company and settle into their strengths. The team is not afraid to reassign employees into the roles they’re best suited for.” This style of management in turn attracts entrepreneurial-minded go-getters who show up to get their jobs done as efficiently and creatively possible. “We have a really well-rounded team, and I think our owners are really excited to have their homes with Outpost and be part of that team,” said Valenstein.

In a transitional town such as our own, and with housing prices as high as they are, employee retention will always be a battle. Empowering enthusiastic and driven employees to succeed and build their lives here is one manner in which Outpost has been able to attract good people. “We also try to offer solid benefits to our employees,” said Valenstein, “there are some great perks for working for Outpost.”

These perks extend to their renters as well. Coming for two weeks of skiing with the family? No need to worry about spending the first day running around town to the grocery store or the village to collect all the odds and ends needed for a ski vacation. Outpost offers gear rentals and grocery pick-up to be available at rentals upon guests’ arrival. Additionally, Outpost offers discounted lift tickets when packaged with lodging, which will be waiting for renters and their families upon arrival.

Members of the Outpost team volunteer for Habitat. Photo taken April 2019. Photo: Outpost

While Outpost works hard to keep their employees and clients happy, they also work closely with the community. Sponsoring community initiatives such as the JH Ski Club Alpine team and the JH Youth Soccer, as well as volunteering as a team to participate in the fall town clean up and clean at Shadow Mountain this fall, Outpost has become deeply integrated in the local community.

Their team is also working to engage and educate their visitors to be stewards of our community while vacationing here. From understanding the importance of safety and responsible practices in the backcountry to understanding wildlife interactions, and basic recycling practices in the valley, Outpost is working hard to keep visitation to this valley a positive experience for both visitors and locals alike, especially in the face of Covid-19.