The Local Sports Team

4120 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82609, USA

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  • A Google User   Aug 26, 2019

    Thank you for allowing me to be there!

  • A Google User   Oct 29, 2016

    Customer service is overall bad as far as sales people. At checkout they are great! The reason for the 2 stars is they hord guns and amo for their friends! I have seen and experienced it many times. Been told they do not have an item when the person before us was told they had several. Also stood waiting to make gun purchase several times and not been helped. Walked out at least 3 times due to this. Made purchases at Rocky Mountain instead. Had to wait 20 min to even get a person at the knife stand to make my purchase. Every time I wear my purse that happens to be a very small back pack I get followed around the store by employees and its very obvious too. Yet women that wear huge bags on their arm where they can easily slide an item in without notice do not get bothered. I would have to take of my purse, slide it around, unzip it and put an item in it zip back up and put back on my back! Which person is a bigger threat? And lastly their employees have zero knowledge of what they are selling....unless its a gun.

  • A Google User   Jul 16, 2020

    Always get good service and have a good selection.... Except recently.... The fishing supplies are very thin

  • A Google User   Aug 30, 2020

    Lots of hunting supplies and weapons with plenty of accessories.

  • A Google User   Jun 04, 2020

    Place has a lot of stuff, clothing, fishing accessories, guns & accessories, toys for kids, snacks, and plenty of other things. A little expensive on some things. Customer service was great very friendly.

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