St. John’s Health

St John's Medical Center, East Broadway Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

St. John’s Health is the local hospital serving Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They offer award-winning comprehensive health care services close to home. St. John’s was founded in 1916 and for more than 100 years they have been the center for medical care in the region. Today they provide primary care, emergency room care, diagnostic imaging, a state-of-the-art birth center, advanced surgical care, cancer care, health screenings, and more. St. John’s Health is also focused on wellness and takes a holistic approach to medicine, something that sets them apart from most hospitals.

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  • Kevin DeVries   Dec 21, 2020

    Do not under any circumstances use St Johns medical care. St Johns refused to bill my insurance for urgent medical treatment received, instead going after me personally to pay it out-of-pocket. They were unable to provide a reason why, despite repeated inquiries. Fast forward a few months and they're threatening to send my account to collections - all because of their own inability to send a bill to the right P.O. box. EDIT: 1 month later, I eventually paid out-of-pocket - despite being in the right - because I can't afford to have it go to collections, and St. Johns has far more resources to fight than I do. When I was charged however, St Johns failed to apply the 25% discount we had negotiated - AND failed to send a receipt as promised for the payment. The only way I found out that they'd overcharged me is by reviewing my credit card statement. Bottom Line: If you use St Johns, expect to be taken financial advantage of. Unless something is truly life-threatening, go somewhere else.

  • Karen A. Davis   Mar 24, 2021

    Everyone was friendly, patient, professional when my husband needed an emergent CT. The facility was clean and attractive, with a convenient pharmacy across the street to pick up medicine.

  • Joe Pueschner   Jun 23, 2021

    I came to the ER by ambulance from the Grand Teton park clinic. I had shortness of breath, which turned out to be caused by blood clots and a pulmonary embolism. I can't say I enjoyed my stay but I did feel that I was in very capable hands the whole time. Here's a shout out to the great nurses (Diana, Ellie, Rob, Lauren and Anne) who took good care of me.

  • Pimm the Giant   Aug 23, 2021

    I thought I got a hep b shot there for my work (that's what I was told was happening at the time) My work should have been billed, but now they claim that I never received a hep b shot there, so I don't know what they shot into my arm, and they went ahead and billed me instead of my work. For a hep b shot. Which they supposedly never gave me.

  • Amber Bright Paul   May 20, 2021

    I was brought here by ambulance a couple of days ago due to an abnormal heart rhythm, which I have a history of, but this time was unusual in that it didn’t revert back on its own. I was initially a little skeptical just because it’s a tiny hospital (compared to what I’m used to anyway), but they were great. Calm, confident, willing to listen, and even consulted my cardiologist group. After trying a few things, they got my rhythm fixed. Upon discharge, we were referred to the ‘hitching post’.. a lodge where we stayed overnight for a very reasonable rate (we missed our original flight out). Pleased with the care I received.

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