St. John’s Health

St John's Medical Center, East Broadway Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

St. John’s Health is the local hospital serving Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They offer award-winning comprehensive health care services close to home. St. John’s was founded in 1916 and for more than 100 years they have been the center for medical care in the region. Today they provide primary care, emergency room care, diagnostic imaging, a state-of-the-art birth center, advanced surgical care, cancer care, health screenings, and more. St. John’s Health is also focused on wellness and takes a holistic approach to medicine, something that sets them apart from most hospitals.

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  • Diane Clement   Jul 30, 2019

    I was brought Into the ER by rescue squad from Jackson Lake Lodge. We were there celebrating our 50th Anniversary. I woke up the day we were to leave and drive back to Ohio, when I could not form a sentence. My first thought, I had had a stroke. I was met in ER by Chris an RN, who started the ball rolling in the events of the next 24 hours. I was very impressed by his kindness and professionalism. The doctor in ER, I have forgotten his name but not his long white hair, began ordering tests and ruling things out at a quick pace. Test number one ruled out a stroke. Blood work showed my Potassium had dropped as had my O2 level. By early afternoon I was admitted to the hospital and was surrounded by very kind and caring nurses and staff. For the next 24 hours they guided me back to feeling normal. There were words of encouragement and comfort, which I really needed. The staff also treated my husband, Don, with kindness. They arranged a room in the small hotel, owned by St. John’s Medical Center across the street which was much appreciated. The cost $45 per night. I was discharged the following afternoon with two loaves of homemade bread and again words of encouragement by Terrie an RN, one of the nicest women I ever met. The next day my phone rang in the car, it was Terrie checking up on me. It brought tears to my eyes, The Social Worker, again name forgotten, made sure that my medical reports were sent to my primary doctor in Ohio. His office called and we set up an appointment on the day I got home. I truly can not say enough about this experience and how positive it was. Thanks to everyone who helped me get back on my feet so far from home. I smile when I think of each and every one of you. Plus the absolutely beautiful scenery, WOW! Diane and Don Clement Wooster, Ohio

  • Charles Doyle   Feb 08, 2020

    Great doctors fast referals very clean. Great staff

  • Michael Martin   Jul 30, 2020

    Called about getting a covid19 test and was told to call public health and was hung up on. Apparently if you are not a billionaire you don't exist!

  • Carl A. Herbst III   Dec 09, 2019

    St. John's Medical Center with all their staff actually cares about people. A good friend of mine is in St. John's and has pnumonia. I have been a patient as well as my mother. So trust me, if you need medical help go there now! You will be treated as a part of a huge family!

  • Markia Rinehart   Jul 13, 2020

    I was on vacation and needed to visit the ER. I had 3 kids with me & no other adult. I ended up needing surgery. The staff took care of me & my kids like we were their family. They went out of their way for us multiple times and it was with a glad heart...I never felt like we were a burden and we were unintentionally high maintenance. Without making this super long....the staff at St. John's is a blessing, I was so lucky! Andy, Ellen, Cody, Jody, Dr. Morgan, Dr. Morgan, the surgery team, the receptionist, my after surgery nurse (sorry, I can't remember everyones name). It was the best experience and I wish I could really show my gratitude to the degree the staff deserves! Thank you! Thank you so much for all the kindness & the ice water (lol).

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