Sarah Konrad

1000 E University Ave, Laramie, WY 82071, USA

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  • Debalina Maitra   Aug 06, 2018

    I made some memories for life at Laramie . Sorry this is the place to rate the University, I would say the University is better than average. Student-teacher ratio is great! No huge classes. Great for graduate level research and teaching.I got my PhD in Education from UW. It's been great experience. I had opportunities of working on several research projects with some renowned scholars. It was great experience overall. I am an international student.I will never forget the warmth I received from the local people. Loved it!

  • Alexander Portelli   Nov 24, 2018

    They treat their RAs like garbage and abuse their authority over the Residence staff. They put my girlfriend in positions she felt very unsafe in as a woman and when she brought up her concerns the school threatened her. They also retaliated to her being complaints over being given last minute shifts to cover for her boss when he wanted to go out drinking with more threats, and when she finally quit after being tired of the school's mistreatment of their RAs, they erroneously put down that she was fired instead of quitting so as to hamper her future employment ability. The school needs a serious shakeup of their RA system

  • Chris Vanderlip   Jun 07, 2018

    Beautiful campus in a ruggedly beautiful area. Top 25 in the country for geological graduate programs. Wish they had accepted me for my master's :(

  • Nathan L. Newman   Aug 12, 2018

    My alma mater, and I have a lot of love for UW. I have competed my bachelor's and master's from UW, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Laramie is a great town to go to school in that it small enough to feel like a community, has great food and provides other opportunities that create a memorable experience. The campus here is beautiful as well, and during my masters I occasionally served as a guide during our seminar meetings (online masters) to people that had never been to Laramie, and they were always impressed with the campus. I could go on and on about UW and Laramie, but just know I love UW, it's faculty, facilities, opportunities, and the memories you make! Consider it if you are looking to enroll! Ask me questions if you would like to hear from an Alumni!

  • James P   Mar 20, 2018

    If you could care less about malls and night clubs and want to spend your weekends climbing, hiking, and sitting around a campfire while getting a world class and affordable education UW is for you. I wish I could give it a 10 out of 5. Laramie doesn't have everything, but it's 2 hours away from a major city/major airport. It's a safe and beautiful campus, and you''ll find some of the nicest people on Earth here.