Rendezvous Bistro

Rendezvous Bistro Wyoming 83002

Timeless charm meets incredible taste inside Jackson Hole’s favorite bistro. Enjoy French-American fare in a unique yet comfortable atmosphere.

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  • Jay Hartt   Jan 21, 2020

    Entered the restaurant with high expectations. Aesthetically, it did not disappoint. It appeared clean and had a very nice feel. There was no host or hostess available at the stand, so I glanced around as I waited. There were approximately twenty people at the tables and two at the bar, all of whom seemed to be enjoying themselves and their food. Eventually a staff member approached, to whom I asked if the bar was available for seating. She said "no, it's closed". I asked if it was just the bar, or the whole establishment. She replied "everything". I thanked her and left, but as I did so I noted that there were many tables just starting their meals. On my way to my car I glanced at the time... it was shortly after nine. Thinking it was strange to be turned away at such an hour, I looked into it, and surely enough, their hours are 5:30-9:00 pm. Hard to believe a restaurant can only be open for 3 1/2 hours. Perhaps they should invest in a closed sign... or just stay closed. Needless to say, for the remainder of this trip, or any future visits to Jackson, I will not be patronizing this establishment. I hope everyone else had a better experience.

  • Eric Smith   Jul 03, 2020

    Food was good, the steak was a little over seasoned, but overall a decent meal.

  • Jeff James   Feb 22, 2020

    Outstanding experience. I don't understand some of the comments about the price. If you want a cheaper dining experience with mundane food, go to Outback or the likes. If you want a Chef-Inspired dining experience, then I highly recommend Rendezvous Bistro. We had reservations and were promptly seated on a busy Friday night. Our drinks were refreshing and the food was absolutely outstanding. My Wife had the Duck and I had the Blackened Blue-nosed Sea Bass. It was one of the better dining experiences that we have had in quite some time. I would highly recommend. This is definitely a restaurant where you "get what you pay for".

  • Diana Yamchenko   Oct 23, 2018

    We went to Rendezvous Bistro today. It was pretty busy, but our table was ready fast. First we ordered couple cocktails, which were great , then for appetizers we had Fried Calamari and Beef Tacos. Calamari were really good and beef taco was just okay (little dry). We’ve been waiting pretty long for entree’s (about 40 min after appetizers). We got our Veal Marsala and Steak Frites. I ordered steak well done, but it was really BURNED and tasted so bitter and dry. Steak comes with house-made fries, but it doesn’t taste good either. Fries is so thin. Veal Marsala tasted better, but still nothing special. Now it’s off season in Jackson and they have great deal $2 for second entree, so this made our check look much better. Prices are normal. $13-$14 for each appetizer, steak is $34 and $33 for Veal Marsala. Service was okay. After all, we got not so good impression about this place.

  • will dickson   Jun 14, 2020

    Simple meals choices, long wait . Clouds, but no weather in Jackson and we were unable to use patio(social distancing). Small portions for price.$22 for ravioli. Employee complaining about running out of meals and sides in clear ear shot of guests Although our waitress was great . Not nearly a 4.3 experience. Taste great, but we won’t be back.

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