Medicine Wheel Wellness

Medicine Wheel Wellness Jackson Wyoming 83001

Located in downtown Jackson, Wyoming, Medicine Wheel Wellness is a holistic healthcare clinic and wellness studio offering physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and other wellness modalities, as well as fitness and yoga classes, healing workshops, and much more. Medicine Wheel Wellness integrates modern medicine and ancient wisdom to reshape the future of healthcare, optimal healing, happiness, and human performance. They bring together a network of specialty care practitioners ranging from physical therapists to shamanic healers, and can tailor a comprehensive healing program specific to your exact needs. 

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  • Kyle Schneberg   Jul 24, 2018

    Medicine Wheel is amazing. I was in town for a couple of days, had a lot of hip pain and was able to get in same day for chiropractic and massage. The practitioners are incredibly knowledgeable, caring and effective, and I started feeling better immediately! If you are considering making an appointment, do it, you will not regret it!

  • J Boyd   Aug 25, 2018

    Lovely concept - fitness and wellness in one location. Had a great massage here and my wife and I really enjoyed our yoga class.

  • Lin Heffner   Feb 08, 2017

    I'm skiing pain free this year with all the help from my knee rehab group classe, durability class, and very conscientious yoga classes. A large number of varieties of strength training are available for all levels. Check them out!

  • Robert Zelnio   Apr 01, 2016

    Best place for fitness classes, yoga, and all sorts of alternative medicine. Everything is taught or supervised by trained professionals, such as physical therapists, those with sports medicine degrees, professionals certified in their areas of expertise, etc. And, they are genuinely caring and friendly people.