Medicine Wheel Wellness

Medicine Wheel Wellness Jackson Wyoming 83001

Located in downtown Jackson, Wyoming, Medicine Wheel Wellness is a holistic healthcare clinic and wellness studio offering physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and other wellness modalities, as well as fitness and yoga classes, healing workshops, and much more. Medicine Wheel Wellness integrates modern medicine and ancient wisdom to reshape the future of healthcare, optimal healing, happiness, and human performance. They bring together a network of specialty care practitioners ranging from physical therapists to shamanic healers, and can tailor a comprehensive healing program specific to your exact needs. 

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  • Emily Warren   Dec 28, 2019

    I only wish I had known about this place sooner! I’ve been living nearby for over a year and have only just discovered this place. I’ve had two sound healings with acupuncture and a cupping facial. All have been fabulous. Can’t wait to try more!

  • Rob Lohle   Feb 21, 2020

    Great sound healing and acupuncture session with Francine! Also experienced a wonderful chiropractic session at Medicine Wheel center.

  • Susan   Dec 11, 2019

    Hannah provided me with a wonderful massage. She was very skilled. I felt reduced pain, relaxed and energized after the massage. The next day, I was able to ski pain free!

  • Joshua St John   Feb 13, 2020

    Derrik is awesome! He dialed in my nagging shoulder pain and it feels great now only a few days later. He also had very valuable and pertinent info to help me maximize my workout regiment. Highly recommend!!!

  • Claire Pacione   Feb 15, 2020

    Until about a year ago, I had never identified with back pain. Quickly, I became laden with intense daily back aches that greatly interrupted my lifestyle. It was disheartening not to understand my pain and how to care for it. I turned to Derrik as he came recommended by respected members of the community. Derrik educated me on what was occurring with my anatomy and causing my pain, this knowledge helped me to feel empowered. Derrik is very reliable and works around patients' schedules to make sure they are supported at all times. Thanks to him, I now feel capable of preventing and managing my pain. It is clear and exciting to see how passionate Derrik is about the work that he does. He appears determined to help his patients gain skills to become self sufficient in caring for and understanding their bodies. I believe this is what sets Derrik apart and I am so grateful for the support he has provided me. Of course, I highly recommend Derrik to any member or visiting person in this community.

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