Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe

1155 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001

Jackson Whole Grocer is an independent, locally-owned grocery store focused on high quality everyday essentials and organic natural foods. The Whole Grocer is a community space for locals to eat, shop, and be inspired by local and natural foods. Vice President and General Manager Tom Scott believes that “having a local grocer is really important to a community. We make decisions that aren’t based on total product movement and there’s no one telling us what to sell and what not to sell. We’re looking at making sure we’re meeting special dietary needs, supporting local farmers, and really strongly giving back to the community through philanthropic efforts.”

If you spent $50 or more in the grocery line, take advantage of Sip & Shop and stop by the liquor store for a $1 glass of wine or beer (or a beverage from the coffee/juice bar). Also check out the Summer Grilling Series, and participate in the Bag Share program.

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  • Chris Johnson   Aug 09, 2020

    Great store with good selection. Entrance to parking is tricky to spot.

  • phillip adams   Sep 06, 2020

    A little on the expensive side but there is a really good selection.

  • Wade Williams   Dec 08, 2019

    We were visiting from out of town, and we stopped by a couple times to get breakfast and coffee. They have a great bakery selection and awesome hot bar that was fresh and tasty. Kept me full for at least 6 hours. They had eggs, sausage, waffles, tots, biscuits and more. They also have a great selection of energy bars and organic drinks. I especially love the fireplace and dining area, not many grocery stores have that! It’s a beautiful place in a great location. I highly recommend it.

  • Tish Snyder   Aug 31, 2020

    Grocery store with a good organic veggie selection and prepared food also available. Clean area to sit and eat.

  • amanda beckett   Aug 31, 2020

    Love this store and it’s friendly staff! Beautifully crafted bakery items , fresh juice and produce! If you don’t like to cook they have endless prepared foods to choose from. If you love to cook you will find every ingredient and even some you didn’t even know about 😄. A pizzeria an in house sushi bar, hot bar, and fully stocked liquor store! Also, Well prepared and respectful during Covid. Some may say prices are high but it’s the quality you are paying for! Beautiful store and experience all in one. Have lunch in the little cafe area while you charge your Tesla - they have charging stations in the parking lot.

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