Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe

1155 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001

Jackson Whole Grocer is an independent, locally-owned grocery store focused on high quality everyday essentials and organic natural foods. The Whole Grocer is a community space for locals to eat, shop, and be inspired by local and natural foods. Vice President and General Manager Tom Scott believes that “having a local grocer is really important to a community. We make decisions that aren’t based on total product movement and there’s no one telling us what to sell and what not to sell. We’re looking at making sure we’re meeting special dietary needs, supporting local farmers, and really strongly giving back to the community through philanthropic efforts.”

If you spent $50 or more in the grocery line, take advantage of Sip & Shop and stop by the liquor store for a $1 glass of wine or beer (or a beverage from the coffee/juice bar). Also check out the Summer Grilling Series, and participate in the Bag Share program.

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  • F. D.   Aug 27, 2022

    Great store! Great employees but some awful customers. I’ve run into one too many Karens in here. The worst was the one who spent 15 minutes by herself in the family restroom (even the women's and handicap were fully available) while I had to make my toddler wait that whole time to be changed. It’s unacceptable that people think their weight entitles them to the family restroom all by themselves and others have to be inconvenienced because of it.

  • Eden Borbor   Jul 30, 2022

    I was mostly there to drop off a package to return to Amazon since they accept it there for you. Which by the way is the easiest thing to do, you just have to have your qr code with you and the item with the original box and they packed and shipped for you. Love it!. I did try to get a qtip there but could not find it anywhere I spent like 5 min looking and couldn't find some.

  • vicki anson   Jul 27, 2022

    Excellent customer service, great friendly store. They have great selection of local items like coffee, honey, ice cream, noodles, granola bars, a good portion of the meat also comes from a local ranch. Produce department is always well stocked. Great place to buy organic groceries. The whole body department are always very helpful with any health or beauty questions.

  • Lars Bendels   Oct 04, 2022

    We are two German runaways volunteering the world. That is why we bought this old Chevy Van in Seattle. πŸ—ΊπŸšŒ 4 (!) days, for which our old Chevy Van had to go to a nearby garage, we spent in the in-house cafΓ© of Whole Foods in Jackson. We have not seen a supermarket in the US before where you can buy such good food and at the same time have such a good working atmosphere: Because of the good wifi and general conditions, we were able to finish a complete YouTube video at Whole Foods! πŸ˜… We have never spent more time in a supermarket and were even a little sad when our days at Whole Foods were over. πŸ₯² Thank you very much for everything! PS: Meanwhile we made it down to LA - Mexico, here we come! Instagram | YouTube: @vagateers

  • c hart   Sep 19, 2022

    Beautiful building. Been to WF in many cities and this one is a beaut. Consistency in this brand always makes a traveler feel at home while the local items spice up the assortment and make it worth a visit. Thankful for the organic offerings. Sadly, by 6:30 on Sunday evening, this store has packed up their hot bar and salad bar, and yes we lived, but just posting so others know.

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