Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

3395 Cody Ln, Teton Village, WY 83025

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has the longest continuous vertical rise of any ski area in the U.S., rising 4,139 feet from the valley floor to the top of Rendezvous Mountain!

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  • Kevin Casey   Sep 13, 2020

    Even beautiful in the late summer, early fall.

  • Wesley Higgins   Sep 23, 2021

    We really enjoy the gondola ride to the mountain top. Once we got to the top we had a delicious waffle as a snack and then it started snowing. It was their first snow of the season so we rode the gondola back down through the snow and back up again. The ticket is good for all day so that made for a fun trip.

  • Mark Hakim   Sep 09, 2020

    So much fun!!!! Goes up to 9000 feet up

  • APileOfBeans   Oct 01, 2021

    Jackson Hole is easily the best ski resort I have ever been to. Coming from central wisconsin, anyplace that snowboarding is available will be a great place for me, however, Jackson specifically has everything you could want. They have great restaurants, hotels, condos to rent, and fantastic staff. Not to mention the phenomenal skiing. They are very ranged in terms of skill ratings on their runs. For example, they will have all sorts of easy runs for beginners, but also have many difficult runs for even the most experienced. All and all most favorite place to ever go on vacation.

  • Andrew Romanov   Sep 23, 2021

    Went there in January 2019 with my friends. The best mountain resort in terms of snow so far. There was one snowstorm after another. Rode snowboard for 3 days straight. Had so much fun! Met people from different corners of the world: Europe, Australia etc. Best winter vacation ever. I would like to come back there again. And I would recommend to visit this place. Great experience overall.

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