Grand Targhee Resort

3300 Ski Hill Rd, Alta, WY 83414, United States

Grand Targhee Resort is a ski resort situated on the west side of the Teton Range in western Wyoming. The west side lends itself to gentler, (often) powdery slopes featuring diverse terrain great for people of all levels. As summertime rolls around, miles of cross-country and downhill bike trails are uncovered across the mountain while live music is trickled into the scene.

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  • Amanda Rutherfoord   Aug 16, 2021

    Beautiful ski resort. Pretty small but plenty of things to do! Loved the educational trail for kids!

  • Todd Beck   Jun 13, 2021

    Still closed for shopping, dining, and lodging. But the trails are open and not too busy. Only a handful of bikes and a couple of hikers today. The resort is in full remodel mode, with plenty of construction and maintenance going on. When it finally reopens it should be awesome. Definitely worth a drive up there even if only for the scenic overlooks.

  • Andrea   Sep 09, 2021

    Is this probably my favorite ski resort in the west. The trails are amazing & they do have lots of powder in dec/Jan. I love their shops & the cafeteria they have on the second floor. Real cozy place & prices are much better than JH. Just make sure to always check the weather because the route to the ski resort from Jackson could be a bit scary if a random storm passes by.

  • Daryl Atkins   Aug 06, 2021

    Stayed here for two nights recently and had a very unpleasant experience on the second night with the personnel. We were trying to heat up something in the microwave when it died and started putting out a really foul smell. I opened the windows and turned on the bathroom fan and the smell starting to dissipate but my kids started having headaches almost immediately. I went downstairs to complain and they sent up a maintenance worker who sniffed the microwave and agreed it smelled bad and didn't work I guess because they didn't believe me. We went back downstairs and the front desk lady called her manager to see what she could do. They said well we can give you a new microwave or you can pack up your room and move to another one. I called up to my wife and she said the smell was gone but our kids still had their headaches. I told them we don't want to or need to move and we don't need to or want to use a microwave tonight. For all this annoyance along with my kids headaches why not this evenings room be discounted. One of the personnel then told me that maybe the headaches were due to them not having enough water or some other factor and got in to an arguing match with me. They then refused to talk to me on anything any further and said sorry basically the were done discussing it. Never stay here unless you want to deal with rude employees.

  • Goldie Henderson   Sep 10, 2021

    This is a beautiful resort with amazing hospitality. But.....if you're looking to spend time sightseeing Yellowstone or the Tetons, look for accommodations closer. We didn't do our due diligence before booking. We spent 3 days sightseeing so lots of wheel time was the only downside.

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