GaperGuide Self-Guided Tours

565 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

Go at your own pace! Audio tour guide for Yellowstone & Grand Teton tells you everything you need to know. Rent a device or get the app and cruise!

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  • Jarrell Taylor   Sep 23, 2018

    I found this to be extremely helpful and educational about both Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Giving information about facts you would not know as you drive by this area so you can stop off and look. Well worth the money I spent.

  • Keari McSpadden   Aug 03, 2018

    The GaperGuide is amazing. We got it for our day in Yellowstone. We listened to Will for over 8 hrs!!! The quality of this device is top notch. We were 100% satisfied. The GaperGuide gave us recommendations to turn onto certain roads to find hidden treasures, that’s as our favorite part. We found the most awesome swimming hole on Firetower Drive all thanks to the GaperGuide. We would highly recommend this for the duration of your trip to Yellowstone AND Grand Tetons

  • Camille Frosztega   Aug 14, 2018

    “Well worth the investment! Just plug it in, place it on your dash board and go! Convenient pick up and drop off locations. They even provide after hours drop off. The guide gives you useful information regarding the entire park. We used it for a day in Yellowstone.

  • Jim   Oct 07, 2018

    We picked the device up in West Yellowstone with detailed instructions from a delightful store employee. The unit was amazingly accurate as to every highlight on our route. Plenty of notice on when you need to turn for a particular sight of interest. Along the way we heard interesting background for things we were being directed to see. Turning the car off didn’t make a difference as it picked right back up. If you wanted to hear something again for clarification, a push of the ‘replay’button brought it right back. We are so glad we took the advice of the hotel clerk to use the GaperGuide. There was a drop box just as we arrived in Jackson WY.

  • Rick Bordeaux   Sep 12, 2018

    The Gaperguide definitely enhanced our trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone last week. Had it for four days. I agree with all of the positive reviews on this site.