Fitzgerald’s Bicycles – Jackson

500 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001

Community Bike Shop of the Tetons – supporting Jackson Hole and the surrounding area with bike sales, maintenance, accessories and apparel.

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  • ben frantz   Jul 11, 2023

    All of the staff very helpful and knowledgeable ! Ryan saved my Yellowstone trip repairing my Mavic freewheel ! I'm riding the loops, Old faithfully next adventure ride. Thank you!

  • Peter Wesolowski   Aug 22, 2023

    Excellent full service bike shop with low employee turnover - a rarity these days. This crew knows their stuff and are great to work with!

  • Candice Crane   Feb 18, 2023

    The team is here is super helpful and very easy to work with! I came into town solo looking for fat bike trail recommendations. They took the time to give me places to go and helped to make sure I had all the equipment I needed for three days of fun in the snow. If you are a novice or expert I highly recommend making Fitzgerald’s Bicycles your one stop shop for all your bike needs.

  • Brockton Welling   Jul 23, 2023

    I have been in several times and they have been super kind and helpful to me. I had an issue with my tires and they walked me through how to fix it. They went above and beyond for us. The employees are passionate about what they do. This is hands down the best bike shop I have ever been to.

  • Kelly Gerber   Sep 30, 2023

    I brought my autistic son and his service dog to the shop and shop owners dog attacked my son’s service dog, denying us access to the shop. We were looking forward to shopping here but unfortunately the owners dog was aggressive towards us. This could have been a huge liability and scared my son half to death. Please do better at making sure you allow access to ALL. ADA requires you to do so! Edit to reply to reply: When we approached the door the dog in the store greeted us at the door. Our service dog was scared for some reason and hid behind us. The staff grabbed the collar of the dog in the store and led them to the back. I thought for SURE that this dog was going back to a closed room or something while we shop with our service dog, so we re-entered the store. It was 30-45 seconds later that the dog in the store bolted out from the back in a very aggressive manner (barking fast and loud etc) and pounced on on service dog. The dogs handler or store owner or whoever yeller at their dog “no no no!” as I moved in quickly to protect our beloved service dog. My son, my self and our dog obviously headed for the exit as quickly as possible. As we hurried out the door I heard several ‘sorry’s’. I’m sorry, but sorry doesn’t cut it. Your dog wanted to play? Please…. He was attacking our service dog in an aggressive and territorial fashion, EXACTLY like another reviewer on here experienced. Your dog should have been LOCKED up after the first encounter at the door, but I suppose the staff didn’t think there was going to be an issue. But there SURE was.

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