Exum Mountain Guide Service

Lupine Meadows Rd, Moose, WY 83012, USA

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  • Jamie Intemann   Jul 29, 2022

    One of my best experiences on a mountain. After a long break from climbing met a new friend and committed to the Grand Teton! Our Exum Mountain Guide, Joe Stern, was the epitome of knowledge, strength, patience, kind encouragement, and gentle praise. Wow Joe! Thanks for helping us on this journey to the top! The best view comes after the hardest climb.

  • Patrick Padilla   Aug 21, 2022

    Amazing guiding service. My fiancé and I have never climbed a mountain before and our guide Ben was so kind and considerate for the both of us. Great guy and helped us along our journey when we were struggling to finish. Cannot rave enough about this place. If you have ANY interest in attempting to climb any of the Tetons please check out Exum and ask for Ben!

  • Andrew Lee   Aug 30, 2021

    My wife and I did the 4 day private Grand Teton program with Exum and we had a wonderful experience. (2 days prep, 1 day hike to the Lower Saddle base camp, 1 day ascent and return to the valley). I cannot say enough positive things about our guide, Aili. She is a true pro who has summited Grand Teton nearly 100 times. - A decent guide knows techniques and keeps you safe. - A good guide is able to teach and explain. - A great guide does all of the above, motivates you, spurs you to greater heights, is invested in your success, builds you up, and makes you believe in what's possible. Aili is hands down a really freaking great guide. We showed up to Exum as complete novices (never having even been in a climbing gym), and we left after summiting Grand Teton!!! The two day prep program was excellent and covered all the climbing techniques, rock climbing communications, rope tying, bouldering, belaying, rappelling information we would need on the Grand. Additionally, we practiced on areas near Hidden Falls in the park that were harder than what we experience on the Grand, which helped build confidence. Aili knew that we had some flexibility in our schedule and so when she saw snow forecasted for the original days of our ascent, she helped adjust our dates and we had a perfect bluebird day. Lastly, Aili made sure we stayed fresh and competent before the climb by letting us borrow rope to practice ties. If you book a climbing trip with Exum, I highly recommend requesting Aili. She totally made this trip a success for us.

  • Saralyn Crock   Jul 29, 2022

    Wow! Amazing experience climbing the Grand Teton. Our guide Joe Stern was a huge reason for our success. From his intuitive leadership style to his knowledge of climbing and the vast experience on the Grand we were in great hands the entire time. Thank you Exum Guides for being the best.

  • Kelly Allers   Jul 06, 2022

    Such an amazing family climb experience. Our guide, Tom, was so professional, kind, and great with our two kids (7 and 10). He kept us safe, and was very patient at helping us learn what to do. My only suggestion is that Exum provide better guidance for inexperienced climbers on the kind of pack to bring. You need something BIG that will fit water, food/snacks, AND your helmet and harness on top of that! We loved that we also got to do a tiny bit of hiking, see a waterfall and take a boat ride across Jenny Lake. The setup is great! Our family loved this so much and would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks for a great experience, Tom and Exum!

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