Caldera House

Caldera House Teton Village Wyoming 83025

Located steps away from the Jackson Hole tram, Caldera House is a private alpine club and boutique hotel with eight slopeside suites.

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  • Elizabeth Votruba   Nov 08, 2017

    From Bet the Ranch, to Southcable, to the overall look/feel of the entire space, Caldera House is by far one of the nicest places in Jackson Hole. We had an incredible lunch there this summer before a Concert on the Commons. It's great space for apres or coffee before skiing, is reasonably priced, and I've had nothing but great interactions with their staff - impeccable service every time... 5 stars all around!

  • Kendall Harris   Sep 01, 2018

    I just make deliveries here but, the food smells great as they prep it and I know they use great stuff to prepare!

  • Jamie G   Mar 08, 2019

    It is very upsetting to post this review as I generally only give feedback on positive experiences. But I felt compelled to post this review in the hopes that this might prevent another couple from having the same experience we did. While the caldera house is a beautiful property full of all the luxurious amenities of a 5 star boutique property, what it has in beauty it severely lacks in customer service and experience. A weekend stay is fine, but please reconsider if you are thinking about hosting any contracted events with the property. This is not about nit picking the little things like our car pick up being late or lack of service with luggage upon arrival, but rather the property’s overzealous commitments to hosting events they are not properly set up to execute on. Caldera House was to host our wedding, lodging, and additional weekend events/dinners, and as anyone who has planned a wedding knows, securing the venues is one of the biggest hurdles. When we signed our contract with CH it felt as though the weight of the world was lifted off our shoulders! Several months after signing our contract, though, it became apparent that CH would not be able to execute on the wedding ceremony as agreed upon. Despite this hiccup, we pivoted to move the ceremony offsite while still maintaining strong excitement and enthusiasm for the rest of the events and lodging with Caldera House. However, when we expressed our initial frustrations over this issue, as any client would, we were met with defensive responses and an attempt to force us off the property. When Caldera House finally did make a reasonable offer to compensate for their oversight, they actually rejected it before we had a chance to accept it and revoked our contract right from underneath us. In all, the entire experience felt disingenuous, manipulative, and irrational. This entire situation is still shocking, one I have never experienced or would expect to experience with a property of these standards- in my wildest dreams I would have never imagined a property would do such a thing to guests planning to host a weekend worth of events at their site. My family scrambled to pick up the pieces, incurring excessive costs, while trying to find alternative arrangements- only to find out out our options were very limited given how close the wedding now was. We felt our actions were reasonable and our communication with Caldera, while some times emotional, was always professional- yet we were completely deserted. There are several 5 star luxury options in Jackson Hole and I would urge you to consider some of the alternatives to avoid risking the same hardships we have encountered. As I mentioned, CH is a beautiful property with many wonderful amenities and I wish them success, but I do hope management strongly considers this feedback, and does not cast it aside again, because the current customer service and event management experience is far from any acceptable standard level.

  • Riley Frances Boone   Apr 12, 2019

    Our stay at Caldera House could not have been more perfect! The accommodations were gorgeous, immaculate and very comfortable. We were greeted with a personal note from the staff and a bottle of wine. Valet was easy, staff was so friendly, views were beautiful. Hot tub, steam shower, great grill, excellent views off the porch - the list could go on. Highly recommended and can't wait to go back!

  • Emiliano Porreca   Feb 03, 2020

    The place is so beautiful, and has a really relax ambient.

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